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Bob Howard, War Correspondent

A recent post by a friend reminded me of an alternate-history angle that I want to use somewhere - what if Robert E Howard, storyteller with a photographic memory and experienced at Texas roughneck life in general and boxing in particular, had been tapped to cover the Spanish Civil War as a correspondent? For, like, money, y' know? (Hey, this was the 1930s. Times wuz tough.)

The problem is, the Spanish fracas started about one month after he'd put a bullet through his head. But the Italian invasion of Ethiopia was a going thing, and he might have gone there. (That would actually be more plausible; he'd be sent instead of the Hugh Jeego types who couldn't be bothered with such piffle.)

That would have changed the course of his life, and I seriously doubt he'd have died when (and how) he did.

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