Gordon (baron_waste) wrote in althistory,

Re: “Going Nowhere, Slowly”

… I told my friend heddychaa that I would have great difficulty writing a history paper nowadays, because the temptation to take creative license and produce a meticulously formatted, annotated paper on an aspect of history which never happened would be overwhelming…

i.e. “Flashpoint: The District of Columbia and the Long Drumroll,” about how the strategically situated, Smithsonian-curated historical preserve with its Casa Blanca and never-completed Capitol Building evolved into a giant flea-market, black-market haven and espionage free-for-all during the decades-long cold war between the Union of Federal Socialist States and the Confederate States of America… I could work that up. What the hell, it's more entertaining than writing about the Erie Canal.

[Or if I wanted to make a different point, write an excruciatingly tedious, dull as lead paper on President Douglas Broadtree Landis, eighth President of the CSA, the Chester Arthur of his day, about whom nothing noteworthy could be said or ever was… but the paper would be meticulously formatted with a full (pseudo)bibliography…

Crossposted from my journal.

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